Final Word from Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What the dickens is going on at the defense ministry? Jaroslav Štefec, who is building the National Armaments Office, legally packs a firearm (why?) and was stopped by the police with an illegal gun in the back seat that he can't explain. He's a "witness" in the matter. Rudolf Blažek, the new deputy minister for armament, will no doubt get to the bottom of it. He did such a good job at Prague city hall. The new deputy defense minister for economics, Libor Karásek, was allegedly caught drunk on CCTV while getting head as mayor of Uherské Hradište in broad daylight in a public park from a female ODS candidate for Parliament. He was promoted to deputy defense minister. According to Amb. to Moscow Petr Kolář, Mirek Topolánek pooh-poohed the idea of corruption at the defense ministry while attending a reception in Moscow. There are now doubts about whether Topol was actually in Moscow.[Czech Republic closed-circuit television pistol Russia]

Glossary of difficult words

the dickens - used when asking a question to express surprise or annoyance; used for emphasis, euphemistically invoking the Devil;

armament/armaments - military weapons and equipment; the process of equipping military forces for war;

to pack (a gun) - to carry (a gun);

to get to the bottom of something - to find an explanation (for a mystery);

CCTV - closed-circuit television;

to get/give head - to receive/perform oral sex;

to pooh-pooh something - to dismiss (an idea or suggestion) as being foolish or impractical.


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