Final Word from Friday, January 28, 2011

Mirek Topolánek revealed to AmCham last March that he had been talking withMiroslav Kalousek since 2003 about creating TOP 09. It was supposed to gather theprotest votes on the right and then act as ODS's friend. The friendship is intact, butmainly between MT and MK. Insiders talk of how MT personally attends meetingsfor billion-crown deals and sometimes consults the details with MK on the phone.If MT's name appeared in the context of Háva, Penta or the eco-tender, the publicwould put the dots together. For awhile, it seemed that MK had reached a backscratchingarrangement with Alexandr Vondra to reduce the risk of obstruction orexposure, but news of the criminal complaint against Vondra filed by MK, with coverfire from MT, blows that out of the water. Until yesterday, Vondra was one of twofront runners to take over as PM if Petr Nečas were forced out. Now there is one.

Glossary of difficult words

to pounce - to take sudden decisive action so as to grasp an opportunity; to spring forward suddenly so as to seize something or someone;

intact - not damaged or impaired in any way; complete;

Háva - Richard Háva, arms dealer;

to put the dots together - to connect the dots, to put two and two together; to understand the connection;

backscratching - the mutual providing of services, esp. when the legitimacy of such dealings is doubtful;

cover fire - gunfire (or commentary, in this case) used to protect an exposed person;

to blow out of the water - to utterly destroy something, such as a plan;

front runner - the contestant who is leading in a race or other competition;

now there is one - Kalousek.


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