Final Word from Monday, February 7, 2011

After VV was practically shut out of the municipal and Senate elections late last year,it latched onto VAT as one of the topics that was meant to reverse it falling approvalrating. It suddenly objected to the planned VAT hike that had indirectly been part ofthe original coalition agreement. After VV supported the government in the no-confidencevote in Dec., Vít Bárta said that taxes would have to rise but that VV wouldnot allow the VAT rate on food to go up. The party then launched an ambiguouslyworded internet referendum on VAT and other topics that allowed it to interpret theresults however it wanted. Now, Bárta says the lower VAT rate can't be kept on everythingand that the important thing is to reach an agreement so that pension reformcan be passed. Whatever brings in more money for pensions, he says, his party willjoin its coalition partners in supporting. VV is slowly learning to be Very Versatile.

Glossary of difficult words

versatile - able to adapt to many different functions or activities;

to be shut out - to be prevented from scoring in a game;

to latch onto something - to take up an idea or trend enthusiastically.


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