Final Word from Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emirates airline ran an Appian Express to Dubai last weekend, and according toAktuálně.cz and HN, on board were CEO Martin Roman of ČEZ, CEO Petr Žaludaof Czech Railways, CEO Tomáš Krsek of Škoda Transportation, CEO Martin Dvořákof DP Praha and lobbyist Roman Janoušek. These are some of the key people aroundthe Appian/Škoda group, which has pulled tens of billions of crowns out of ČEZ,Czech Railways and DP Praha in untransparent deals. The odd man out on the golftrip was Budget Committee Chair Pavel Suchánek of ODS, who paid for the planetickets in cash. They hopped on the plane just days after TOP 09 criticized the new15T tram from Škoda as being subject to breakdown and ill-equipped for snow andrain. Come to think of it, the Appian fellows are rather modest to fly commercial.For the amount they're making just on the 15T, they could buy several private jets.

Glossary of difficult words

odd man out - outsider, exception, person not belonging to a group in question;

to fly commercial - to use a commercial airline for traveling.


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