Final Word from Friday, March 11, 2011

When your computer gets corrupted with viruses, spyware, cookies and other debilitatingdisorders, a restart can provide temporary relief. But to get to the root of theproblem, you have to wipe the hard drive clean and install a new operating system.And so it is with governments. The Nečas OS got another restart yesterday, in an attemptto defragment the data, but in the process of purging one bad VAT system, anotherbad one was installed on top. Moreover, the spyware jumped from the boardroomto the newsroom, raising serious concerns about the master technician. Andfears mounted that the hacker who likes to be called The Professor would launch anotherbotnet worm that allows him to turn all the zombies against the restarted system.Time is approaching for choosing a new OS, preferably a cheaper open-sourceversion next time that's less susceptible to corruption and remote manipulation.

Glossary of difficult words

debilitating - serving to hinder, delay or weaken;

disorder - a disruption of normal physical or mental functions; a disease or abnormal condition;

to defragment - to reduce the fragmentation (separation into parts) of a file by linking the various parts;

botnet - a collection of software agents, robots or zombies that run autonomously and automatically;

open-source - software with source code that is freely available and open to modification by users.


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