Final Word from Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Škoda Auto entered the post-infatuation phase today in its romance with the Czechmedia. For the first time, the mainstream media pointed out how little Škoda is makingfrom the Škoda-brand cars produced at the Shanghai VW plant in China. Sincewe wrote about this last June, the licensing fee Škoda receives per Chinese car hasfallen in half, to just Kč 2,600, although production of Škodas there rose in 2010 by50%, to 197,077 cars. Even Vladimír Kaláb of LN, who was one of Škoda's biggestcheerleaders while reporting for HN, is concerned about the trend. Now that they'reno longer lovestruck, perhaps Czech reporters will take a more-serious look at Škodaand its future as a Czech automaker. It's time for an open discussion about the competitiveness,technology-transfer and civilizational issues affecting Škoda - and all ofCzech industry - that have mostly been confined to the boardroom so far.

Glossary of difficult words

infatuation - an intense but short-lived passion or admiration;

cheerleader - an enthusiastic and vocal supporter;

lovestruck/love-struck - struck by love, smitten; strongly attracted to someone or something.


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