Final Word from Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As crazy as it often looks, Czech politics is actually pretty predictable. Klaus canalmost always be counted on to react only after reading the pulse of the nation - andwithout needing a Paroubek-like poll to process the data. Havel is predictable in hiswillingness to let public opinion be damned, whether while preaching energy conservationand hauling himself around in a Mercedes SUV, or while supporting "humanitarian"bombings. We've all become accustomed to Nečas pounding his fist onthe table when he doesn't get his way - and then recoiling when the (political) painstarts spreading up his arm. No one is surprised when Kalousek attributes his ownfaults to others in something psychiatrists call "projection" and normal people calla thief yelling "thief." Come to think of it, almost the only element in Czech politicsthat really bowls us over and makes us exclaim WTF is the Constitutional Court.

Glossary of difficult words

goggle-eyed - with staring or protuberant eyes, esp. through astonishment;

open-jawed - astonished to the point of opening one’s mouth in disbelief;

to read/take the pulse - to ascertain the general mood or opinion of;

to haul - to transport in a truck, cart or other vehicle;

SUV - sport utility vehicle; a high-performance four-wheel-drive vehicle;

to recoil - to suddenly flinch back in fear, horror or disgust;

to bowl someone over - to knock someone down; to completely overwhelm or astonish someone;

WTF - (offensive when said in its long form but not in its abbreviated form) what the fuck;

Constitutional Court - the allusion is to the decision yesterday about the validity of the Prague municipal elections.


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