Final Word from Friday, April 8, 2011

Coyote ugly is the street term for a girl who is so ugly that after you wake up from adrunken stupor with your arm around her, you bite your arm off instead of riskingwaking her up. Double coyote ugly is when she's so hideous that you bite your otherarm off too, to make sure you never do that again. Some VV voters are sufferingfrom a double-coyote-ugly hangover. While they were getting intoxicated on VV's seductiveadvances in the election campaign, they let themselves be swept away by itsfoxy babes and its hunky snake-oil salesman. The gleam in Little Putin's eyes shouldhave been a warning sign, but no, they threw caution to the wind and let their, uh,manhood or womanhood do the thinking for them. Now they're having night-afterregrets. The romance lasted slightly longer than a one-night stand, but it will be acold day in hell before VV's armless voters do something stupid like that again.

Glossary of difficult words

coyote ugly - derives from the idea that a coyote is so desperate to escape from a hunter’s trap that it will chew its own leg off to do so;

stupor - a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility;

hideous - ugly or disgusting to look at;

hangover - severe headache or other after-effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol;

intoxicated - drunk, inebriated;

seductive - tempting and attractive;

advances - an approach made to someone, typically with the aim of initiating a sexual encounter;

foxy - (usually of a woman) sexually attractive;

babe - a sexually attractive young woman or girl;

hunky - of a sexually attractive man, esp. a large, strong one;

snake-oil salesman - a person who sells something with no medicinal value as something that is a remedy for all diseases;

gleam - a brightness in a person's eyes taken as a sign of a particular emotion;

to throw caution to the wind - to become very careless;

manhood/womanhood - euphemisms for the male/female sexual organs;

one-night stand - a sexual relationship lasting only one night;

cold day in hell - never again.


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