Final Word from Monday, April 18, 2011

We lost count, but Miroslav Kalousek must have repeated three dozen times in variousinterviews last week that his party isn't involved in any scandals and thereforehas no reason to part with any of its ministers. Not wanting to bring up his drinkingor his "hoaxing" about eavesdropping on editors, journalists found it hard tocontradict him, and some even started to parrot him. Someone needs to point outthat the problem with TOP 09 - and Kalousek specifically - isn't so much what it hasalready done, but what it's now in the process of doing. To name just a few of hisexploits, Kalousek is raising VAT instead of targeting waste and theft, overseeingat his ministry the biggest concentration of power since the creation of Super ČEZ,and planning an eco-tender that will make the ABL and Promopro amounts looklike loose change. TOP 09's scandal is that it has created a monster called Kalousek.

Glossary of difficult words

to part with - to give up possession of; to hand over; 

to hoax - to deceive with a humorous or malicious trick; 

to parrot someone - to repeat someone mechanically; 

exploit - a bold or daring feat; 

Super ČEZ - the consolidation of production and distribution; 

loose change - money in the form of coins suitable for small expenditures.


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