Final Word from Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Criticized as they were for revealing too much T&A, it wasthe pinup girls of VV who gave the party the most credibility.They might be naughty and politically naive, thoughtmany people, but at least their intentions are good. The samecould not be said of some of VV's men. The political crisisquickly proved to the public that the Bártas and Babáks of VVweren't worthy of all the attention lavished on the party. But atabout the same time, VV's blonde façade started to crack too.Kateřina Klasnová called her hubby, Vít Bárta, a dictator. Ona secretly recorded tape, Kristýna Kočí used locker-room languageto reveal more juicy details about VV's inner workings.And on Prima TV, Lenka Andrýsová came awfully close todefending Bárta's business and political practices. An analysisof the short tenure in high-level politics of VV's calendar girlssuggests that the main gender problem in Czech politics isn'tthat there are too few women, but that when a gal enters politics,she very quickly becomes just another one of the guys.

Glossary of difficult words

How blondes lose their illusions - a word play on the title of the Czech film "How Poets Lose Their Illusions," in which the jilted hero swears never to whisper verses to another blonde;

T&A - (slightly vulgar but quite common) tits & ass;

pinup - a poster showing a famous person or sex symbol;

naughty - mildly rude or indecent, typically because of being related to sex;

to lavish something on - to bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon;

hubby - (informal) husband.


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