Final Word from Tuesday, April 26, 2011

British Airways' chairman, Sir Martin Broughton, complained about the one-sizefits-all security screening at airports and said that a risk-based approach would bemore effective. Anyone who has had a young daughter groped by TSA staff probablyagrees, but what took Sir Martin so long to catch on? It was evident almost fromday one that it had more to do with the harassment and wearing-down of law-abidingcitizens than real security. Prague is also planning a one-size-fits-all policy forits metro. No enhanced pat-downs or confiscations of water bottles would presumablytake place, but expensive face-recognition equipment would be used for cataloguingevery passenger. Once turnstiles were installed, the identification and monitoringprocess would be greatly streamlined, thanks to the OpenCard that has beenforced on people. There will soon be no escaping the prying eyes of Prague city hall.

Glossary of difficult words

one-size-fits-all - one size of an item of clothing or of a procedure or policy fits or is applicable in all cases; in this case, meaning that the same security procedures apply to all;

to grope - to feel or fondle someone against his or her will;

TSA - the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which is in charge of airport and other traveler security;

to catch on - to suddenly understand what is meant or how to do something;

day one - from the very beginning;

to wear someone down - to gradually exhaust or demoralize someone;

enhanced pat-down - an additional, more thorough frisking or searching of a passenger;

turnstile - a mechanical gate allowing only one person at a time to pass through;

to streamline - to make something more efficient and effective;

to pry - to inquire too closely into a person’s personal affairs.


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