Final Word from Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Don't read headlines," advised Chief Justice Pavel Rychetský of the ConstitutionalCourt yesterday on ČT 24. "They practically always distort the true content of an interview."He, too, got hot under the collar about Eliška Wagnerová's Nazi comment,but not for the same reason as Miroslav Kalousek. Rychetský claimed that Wagnerovánever compared Kalousek to the Nazis. In its official statement, the Court saidit's difficult to interpret LN's internet headline - the headline in the printed editiondidn't mention the Nazis - as anything other than "intentional distortion." After anobjective analysis of LN's interview, we find it difficult to interpret Rychetský's heatedreaction as anything other than "intentional distortion." Wagnerová's comparisonof Kalousek to the Nazis was clear, and LN's headline was accurate. Our advice toRychetský and Wagnerová: "Don't talk to the press, and you won't make headlines."

Glossary of difficult words

ČT 24 - see the 18:33 mark in the bottom left corner of the TV screen; 

to distort - to give a misleading of false account or impression of; 

hot under the collar - angry, resentful or embarrassed; 

heated - inflamed with passion or conviction.


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