Final Word from Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A recent survey by LN found that some Czech companies aren't very fond of hiring people over the age of 60. At Walmark food-supplements maker, there isn't a single one of them (which isn't the best advertisement for the effectiveness of its own health products, is it?). Today's 60-year-olds were theoretically young enough in 1989 to adapt to the new free-market principles, so the results of LN's survey are especially worrisome in terms of what they mean for future generations of elderly people. The country seems to be heading toward a situation in which the unofficial retirement age is somewhere around 60 but benefits don't kick in until as many as 10 years later. Tax breaks for seniors who are caught in this no-man's land might mitigate the problem somewhat by making these elderly people more attractive to hire, but the main financial burden is going to be borne by the old folks themselves and their families. If the coalition government's pension plan passes, multi-generational homes might be the wave of the future.

Glossary of difficult words

fond - having an affection or liking for;

to kick in - to take effect;

no-man's land - land that is unowned, uninhabited or undesirable;

to mitigate - to make less severe, serious or painful;

old folks - elderly people.


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