Final Word from Monday, May 23, 2011

VV remains in control of a few ministries for now, but the opinion polls indicatethat it's well on its way to extinction as a parliamentary party. When we wrote nearlytwo years ago that VV and TOP 09 might have been founded with the objectiveof discrediting small political parties forever, one of VV's candidates objected, sayingthat no one launches a party just to destroy it. That's perhaps half-true. Vít Bárta,Radek John and the pin-up blondes of VV surely didn't devote their time and effortsto building the party just to see it disappear before their very eyes. But what aboutthe ODS Prague politicians who were behind VV? In Bárta, they hardly could havechosen a better recipe for disaster. Even Bárta now admits (on Impuls) that the "conspiracy"was organized long ago and involves a "super godfather." Unfair as it mayseem, with the death of VV, the hopes of numerous other small parties die as well.

Glossary of difficult words

Build me up, Buttercup - a song by The Foundations about a woman who breaks a man's heart by building him up just to let him down;

pin-up/pinup - a poster showing a famous person or sex symbol, designed to be displayed on a wall;

recipe for disaster - something that is likely to lead to a very negative outcome.


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