Final Word from Friday, June 3, 2011

The quality of Jan Kraus's Fri. talk show has taken a dive sincehe switched to TV Prima, partly because politicians are avoidingit like the plague. Or should we say like E.coli? If Krauswere able to book a politician or two, he could have tons of funwith some of their recent comments. Such as Karel Schwarzenberg'sobservation that the coalition leaders are a bunch ofnitwits. What exactly are the criteria for being classified assuch? Would Agriculture Minister Ivan Fuksa make the cut forclaiming that although no one knows where the E.coli bacteriacomes from, "it might be from meat"? And is Petr Nečas a nitwitor a forecasting genius for foreseeing a 30% rise in electricityrates 10 years from now? MEP Jiří Havel of ČSSD said onCzech Radio that Nečas hit the bull's-eye with his prediction,which sounded like unheard-of praise from an oppositionpolitician. Unless the listener happened to know that Havelwas supervisory board chair of a completely disinterested littlefirm called ČEZ. Havel is no nitwit for keeping this hush-hush.

Glossary of difficult words

nitwit - a silly or foolish person; a dunce;

to take a dive - to fall suddenly;

to avoid something like the plague - to avoid or keep away from something totally;

to make the cut - to be chosen out of a field of candidates or possibilities;

to hit the bull's-eye - to hit the mark or target; to achieve the intended effect;

disinterested - impartial, uninvolved;

hush-hush - secret or confidential.


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