Final Word from Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When the U.S. agreed to help India bring its nuclear program out of isolation, itapparently thought the payback would come later in the form of major commercialdeals for U.S. companies. But in late-April, India chose to shortlist European jetfighters over U.S. (and Russian) rivals in a hotly contested competition. Could thesame scenario be playing out in the case of Temelín? Washington has agreed to considerrenegotiating the bilateral investment treaty with Prague - something it normallydoesn't do - and some people suspect that there's a direct link to the Temelíndeal. But why should the U.S. need this form of reinsurance if, as Amb. NormanEisen has suggested, Westinghouse will win the Temelín deal anyway if it's transparent?Daniel Anýž of HN reported that the CR has a "fundamental mistrust" ofObama. What Anýž failed to note is that the fundamental mistrust goes both ways.

Glossary of difficult words

payback - financial return or reward;

to shortlist - to put someone on a short list of selected candidates from which a final choice is made;

to play out - to transpire, happen.


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