Final Word from Friday, July 22, 2011

PRAHA (lol) Prague's city council approved the outline of aproject for making it possible for the first time to pay bribes bySMS. Deputy Mayor Karel Květina cited a study demonstratingthe efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this way of payment.He complained openly about "pesky" PR agencies and"so-called" lawyers who demand far more for acting as middlementhan telecoms companies will require for an SMS-basedsystem. For a nominal fee, prepaid cards in amounts up to€15,000 - to avoid a clash with that silly EU money-launderingrule - will be made available at the usual outlets, he said. In accordancewith the data-protection act, and thanks to an agreementwith the very flexible Y&B Banka, complete anonymity toall parties will be assured. Květina praised a further advantageof the BRIBE-EZ system: The ability of the recipient to senda reverse text message when a payment is late. He expressedconfidence that the project will be so popular that other municipalities,agencies and ministries will want to participate.

Glossary of difficult words

SATIRE - this is political satire; any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional;

lol - meant nominally to represent the author's initials, but also meaning "laugh out loud";

pesky - causing trouble, annoying;

so-called - used to express one’s view that such a name or term is inappropriate.


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