Final Word from Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For years, employers and their HR consultants have been looking for attractive noncashways to compensate employees. Giving someone a fancy new title, such as chiefdream officer, in lieu of more money has become so popular that some companiesnow have more chiefs than Indians. Perhaps the Czech people could try somethingsimilar with the criminal elite to get them to stop stealing so much! But what to offerthem? Most of them already have honors and recognitions from distinguished Westerninstitutions. Immunity from prosecution? Nope, they have that too. Abercrombie& Fitch, a U.S. retailer, came up with the clever idea of paying an obnoxious TV starnot to wear its clothes. What if the CR paid its top crooks to turn in their passportsand emigrate permanently to their foreign getaways? No, that wouldn't work either.For every one oligarch, there are 10 more minor crooks waiting to take his place.

Glossary of difficult words

HR - human resources; personnel department;

in lieu of - instead of;

more chiefs than Indians - sorry to be so politically incorrect, but "Native Americans" just didn't sound right here;

obnoxious - extremely unpleasant;

getaway - the destination for a vacation.


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