Final Word from Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As a publication that has warned repeatedly about the end of Euro-American civilization,we were interested to see Václav Klaus take up the issue in Právo. This isone of his most important interviews ever, not only because he chooses the direst issueof our time, but also because he indirectly makes the case for why he should bein charge when the big bang comes (he calls it an "absolute collision"). By laying outthe facts, he has done what no other Czech politician has dared to do, other thanMiloš Zeman to a lesser degree. It's striking that Klaus resorts partially to Havelismto make his point - by criticizing the consumer society. It's also worrisome that heomits one of the biggest causes of our civilization's self-destruction, namely the globalizationof corruption (which he has been a party to). Any Czechs who don't wantKlaus as their future dictator should quickly start grooming someone else.

Glossary of difficult words

big bang - the explosion of dense matter that, according to current cosmological theories, marked the origin of the universe; any forceful beginning or radical change;

dire - extremely urgent or serious;

to be party to something - to be involved in or connected to;

to groom someone - to prepare or train someone for a particular purpose or activity.


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