Final Word from Thursday, October 6, 2011

No industry since solar power has grown as rapidly in the CRas the anti-corruption sector, yet corruption seems to be asstrong as ever. What gives? One aspect of the problem is thatthe large increase in the number of NGOs devoted to fightingcorruption has served to fragmentize the industry and to increasethe competition for funding. Instead of just a few organizationsapplying for grants and sponsorships, there are nowa dozen anti-corruption NGOs jockeying for position. At thesame time, the volume of available funding is declining, dueto crisis-inspired cutbacks. Among those with the most moneyto spare for such public-service activities are now the majorcorrupters themselves. They know how to use their hardstolenmoney to influence the nonprofit sector, just as they exercisesway over political parties, state-owned companies, themedia and the courts. NGOs that dance to their tune will stillbe able to secure funding, while anyone who truly wants tocombat corruption will find it harder and harder to survive.

Glossary of difficult words

What gives? - What is going on?;

NGO - non-governmental organization;

to fragmentize/fragment - to break or become broken into smaller pieces;

to jockey - to struggle by every available means to achieve something;

hard-stolen - as contrasted with "hard-earned";

sway - rule or control;

to dance to someone’s tune - to comply completely with someone's demands and wishes.

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