Final Word from Monday, October 31, 2011

If any other Czech politician had given the National Day address, he or she wouldhave been praised for trying to unify the nation at a time of rising economic andsocial tension. But it was Václav Klaus, and he met with the expected criticism. MEPRichard Falbr said Klaus wants us to respect other people's opinions but is himselfthe one who pigeonholes everybody. In our view, it's important to read the NationalDay speech in the context of Klaus's interview in Právo in Aug., in which he warnedof an "absolute collision" in the world. Both times, he indirectly made the case forwhy he should be in charge when the world changes. He said on Fri. that the CR isenjoying its longest period of freedom, relative calm and non-catastrophic developmentin its short history, longer than the 20-year Masaryk and Beneš era. The messagewas that if we listen to his sage advice, the unuttered "Klaus era" can continue.

Glossary of difficult words

MEP - member of the European Parliament;

to pigeonhole - to assign to a particular category or class, esp. in a manner that is too rigid or exclusive;

sage - having, showing or indicating profound wisdom;

unuttered - not spoken or stated (Klaus did not himself refer to the current period of freedom and relative calm as the "Klaus era").

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