Final Word from Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Radim Jančura told Reflex magazine that Martin Roman is the biggest crook in thecountry and that it will now be extremely difficult for him to maintain his placeas the CR's most important manager and most powerful person. If he can't do this,Jančura said, he'll be wearing prison garb within six months. Eleven NGOs tookthe prison theme a step further by issuing the "Pankrác Appeal," which can refer toeither the location of ČEZ's offices or to Prague's most famous lockup. Like Jančura,the NGOs concentrate their wrath on Roman alone, ignoring the complicity of allthose bankers, lawyers, auditors, brokers, PR agents, fellow board members and politicianswho surely knew what was going on. If you add them all up, it's somethinglike 150 important people who could go down with Roman. Putting him away, inone or the other sense of the phrase, might look increasingly attractive to them.

Glossary of difficult words

to put someone away - to put someone in prison; (underworld slang) to eliminate someone;

garb - clothing or dress;

lockup - prison or jail;

wrath - extreme anger;

to go down - to experience defeat or ruin.

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