Final Word from Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Without his well-publicized interview in HN, Andrej Babiš would just be anotherrun-of-the-mill billionaire going about the business of carving up the country. Theinterview turned him overnight into an anti-corruption star and positioned himto become a savior who could lead the Czechs into the promised land. But then heofficially launched his ANO 2011 movement last week, and the media started ignoringhim, other than a mention here or there. What went wrong? The simple answeris that Babiš went political. He stated that his goal is to win the next parliamentaryelections. This makes him a direct rival to the existing Establishment, before he hasany political organization in place. It's the mistake of a political amateur. And that islikely what he and his people will remain, because they missed their chance to starta real grass-roots movement that grows over time into something bigger and better.

Glossary of difficult words

run-of-the-mill - ordinary; lacking unusual or special aspects;

to carve something up - to divide something ruthlessly into separate areas or domains;

grass roots - people or society at a local or basic level rather than at the center of major political activity.

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