Final Word from Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just as the story of Industry Minister Martin Kocourek's Kč 16m stash from New Mexicowas getting really interesting, it appears that he's going to spoil the fun by resigning.LN uncovered a link between Key Investments, Eton Adventures of Espanola,New Mexico, and JetBull online gambling operator through an address in Dominica,suggesting that Kocourek might have received payoffs for opposing tighter gamblingrules. Even more interesting is the connection to ČEZ highlighted today by MFD.Key Investments, which was no McKinsey, received a consulting contract to makethe financing of ČEZ's subsidiaries "more efficient," including its Bulgarian units.Bohumil Pečinka of Reflex hinted in Sept. that Petr Nečas was of the suspicion thatMartin Roman and Vladimír Johanes were using ČEZ's Balkan operations to launderdirty money. Kocourek, as sup. board chair at the time, would have been in the loop.

Glossary of difficult words

payola - an undercover or indirect payment for a commercial favor (such as a payment to a disc jockey for playing a particular recording);

stash - a secret store of something;

New Mexico - to find information on Eton Adventures, click on "Look up a Corporation Here" and type in "Eton" as Entity Name; then click on "Select";

to be in the loop - to be aware of information known to only a privileged few.

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