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Sen. Jiří Dienstbier, who is positioning himself as the moral conscience of ČSSD,wants his party colleague Petr Hulinský to leave politics because of his shenanigansas supervisory-board chair of city-controlled PRE energy company. Dienstbier citesan MFD article claiming that Hulinský, or people close to him, were on both sides ofthe table in the allocation by PRE of sponsorship money for the handicapped. Perhapsthe strangest aspect of this is that Dienstbier used to work for Marián Čalfa, whoserved as Hulinský's "house counsel" and helped to set up the structure being used toshuffle the money around. Čalfa is no longer a lawyer - he has been stricken from theCzech bar - but is still listed as a partner at Čalfa Bartošík. He is also now on PRE'sboard. Dienstbier's admirable effort to clean up Prague city hall is stained by the realitythat he was in bed for many years with the same people he is now criticizing.

Glossary of difficult words

shenanigans - secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering; 

house counsel - an attorney who works only for a particular business (but in this context we mean a lawyer who does most of the legal work for a given client); 

to shuffle something - to shift or rearrange something; 

Czech bar - according to one source, Čalfa voluntarily gave up his legal license; 

to be in bed with someone - to have an undesirably close association with someone.

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