Final Word from Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Czech TV dared to suggest last night that Anders BehringBreivik might have been found legally insane, when he mightnot be, so that some of the issues he raised about immigrationand Islamization wouldn't have to be publicly discussed. Weaddressed this possibility in June ("How insane is insane?").Breivik is of course "crazy" in the normal sense of the world,but that doesn't mean he didn't have rational reasons (to him atleast) for his actions. Extremists, whether right-wing, left-wing,jihadist or other, are usually counterproductive in this respect.They are fanatics, as Eric Hoffer argued so well in "The TrueBeliever," and through their exaggerated behavior they tendto damage their own cause. In the CR, a non-violent exampleis would-be politician Petr Cibulka, who is most famous forprinting the list of StB agents. When given a microphone, aswas the case on Sat. on ČT, he rants on about how the CR is acriminal state being run by the KGB. He might not be so farfrom the truth, but because he's a lunatic, no one is listening.

Glossary of difficult words

Czech TV - see the 10:29 mark (in the lower left-hand corner) of Události a komentáře; 

to rant (on) - to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way; 

lunatic - a crazy or eccentric person (not in technical use).

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