Final Word from Thursday, December 8, 2011

Imagine you're the owner of a branded-products company, and you learn to yourastonishment that the biggest source of counterfeits of your goods is one of your ownfactories! The local management, you learn, is coming in on the weekend and crankingout "counterfeits" on the side. It's been known to happen in Russia, but no onewould expect something like this to be possible in the CR. Well, there are new hintsfrom insider Vladimír Sitta that the counterfeit Prague transit tickets that appeared inJuly (see our FW) might have been made off the books by the very Neograph that isthe official ticket supplier. Or perhaps by a friendly printer using the same materialsand design. If GM Jan Janků of Neograph is capable of sending 17 hellers from eachticket to the British Virgin Islands, what's the moral impediment to printing up a fewextra lots? This is another issue for the new Prague coalition to get to the bottom of.

Glossary of difficult words

astonishment - great surprise;

to crank something out - to produce something regularly and routinely;

impediment - a hindrance or obstruction in doing something;

lot - a batch or set quantity of something;

to get to the bottom of something - to find an explanation (for a mystery).

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