Final Word from Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forget the possibility of a meltdown in the eurozone or a civilwar in North Korea, the big topic at the end of the year forCzechs is whether to name Prague Airport after Václav Havel.If you look at it from the standpoint of selling the Czech Republicto the world, marketing the Havel name would nodoubt be a winner. He's been the biggest export article, so whynot turn him into the biggest import article too? If Austrianscan have their Mozartkugel and Americans their Obama chiapets.... Of course the Klaus camp won't see the merit of namingthe airport after Havel, so some kind of compromise willbe needed. How about just calling it St. Václav InternationalAirport? That way both camps would be happy. And thenindividual parts of the airport could be personalized. For example,the VIP terminal could be named for Havel, to reflecthis love for traveling by private jet. And, since the airportwants to be a bridge between East and West, a new fast-trackRussian-only passport desk could be named in honor of Klaus.

Glossary of difficult words

meltdown - a disastrous event, esp. a rapid fall in share prices;

Mozartkugel - a chocolate ball of candy named after Mozart;

chia pet - a terracota figurine use to sprout chia plants and sold as a novelty product;

fast-track - providing a route, course or method that allows for more rapid results than usual.

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