Final Word from Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's one thing to name an airport after a prominent person and quite another to getpeople to use the name. Why should people say they're flying into Havel when theycan more easily express their thought by saying they're flying into Prague? Have youever heard anyone say he or she is flying into Liszt? How many non-Hungarians haveeven noticed that Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is named after a famouscomposer (who is of course known in English as Franz Liszt, not Liszt Ferenc)? Gettingpeople to use an official name becomes a lot easier when a city has more thanone airport. You have to say JFK to distinguish it from LaGuardia and Newark. Whatthe supporters of Havel Int. Airport need to do if they want the name to catch on isto back the completion of Prague's other big airport, Vodochody. It's also how to getMiroslav Kalousek on board. He'd understand the idea of helping Havel to help Penta.

Glossary of difficult words

to catch on - to become popular or fashionable;

Penta - owner of Aero Vodochody and the Vodochody Airport.


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