Final Word from Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ex-CEO Martin Dvořák of DP Praha transit company and his mother have a string ofvillas, apparently paid for in part by a 17-heller tithing on every transit ticket printed.Transit tickets are indeed juicy business, especially if the presses run overtime tochurn out "counterfeits" that can be shipped at full wholesale value. But the biggermoney at Prague city hall is clearly in rolling stock. And so it seemed only a matterof time before journalists drew a line between Dvořák's villas and Appian/Škoda,which makes what sometimes pass as trams and metro trains. MFD did it today witha story about Cokeville Assets' role as adviser on the sale of Škoda Power to Doosan.The details are fuzzy, but a logical conclusion might be that Ivo Rittig of Cokevillefame somehow made himself indispensable in the money pipeline between Appianand DPP. He's a facilitator but shouldn't be confused with the mastermind.

Glossary of difficult words

to tithe - to pay or give one-tenth of one's earnings to support the church or the clergy; 

juicy - temptingly appealing; 

to churn out - to produce, make; 

rolling stock - locomotives, carriages, wagons, etc.; 

to pass as something - to be mistaken or taken for something; 

fuzzy - vague or indistinct; 

indispensable - absolutely necessary; 

mastermind - the person who plans and directs an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise.

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