Final Word from Thursday, February 2, 2012

The coalition appears to be headed for one of those not-so-unusual Czech splitswhere the couple signs the divorce papers but continues to live under one roof. Thecoalition parties simply have no place to go if they revoke their vows. TOP 09 couldmove in with its European lover, ČSSD, but there's no guarantee that the priest, FatherKlaus, would allow the new union to be consummated. Klaus could launchhis return to party politics by appointing his own person to the PM post or let PetrNečas remain as interim PM until the elections. The theory that Miroslav Kalousekwants early elections so he can parade Karel Schwarzenberg around the country onelast time before the presidential vote loses more credence every time the Prince hasa senior moment. And then there are the children. Who would watch over VV? Likeit or not, the coalition is damned to two more years of miserable cohabitation.

Glossary of difficult words

to cohabit - to live together without being married; 

split - a separation or ending of a marriage (or other relationship); 

to revoke - to put an end to the validity or operation of something; 

(marriage) vow - a solemn promise; 

to consummate - to make a marriage or relationship complete by having sexual intercourse; 

to parade someone - to display someone while marching or moving around a place; 

credence - the likelihood of something being true; plausibility; 

senior moment - a temporary mental lapse (humorously attributed to the gradual loss of one's mental faculties as one grows older).

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