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Fifty-eight percent of Final Word readers think the eurozone will survive 2012 in its current form or even grow in size, according to a survey conducted last month by Donath Business & Media and Factum Invenio, on the occasion of the 10th annual CFA/OVB Forecasting Dinner. Thirty-five percent of FW readers think that some of the weaker economies will leave the euro and return to their national currencies, while only 3% think the euro will fall apart or be abolished. Readers are also fairly optimistic about the direction of the crown, with only 7% of respondents expecting an appreciation or depreciation of more than 10%. If there was any surprise (for us), it was that readers collectively thought a conservative investor should keep only 7% of investable funds in cold, hard cash. Three times more (21%) should go into time deposits, and 27% should go toward investments in land or a dwelling, readers said.[Czech Republic Final Word DBM Czech Financial Analysts Society]

Glossary of difficult words

investable - available for investment, as opposed to consumption; 

cold, hard cash - cash "under the mattress," as opposed to cash in the bank.

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