Final Word from Monday, February 27, 2012

An extremely self-confident Ex-CEO Martin Dvořák of DP Praha transit company said yesterday on OVM that he was releasing his tax returns for the past seven years. He held up a thin pile of papers and said it contained the returns and income summaries for Kč 50m earned in the past seven years, from both his time at DPP and his previous employment. A few seconds later he said it was for six or seven years. (So which is it?) When asked if it contains his non-employment income, he said he had none. (But then loans made by British Virgin Island companies to his mother aren't officially income, are they?) When asked about the role of Šachta & Partners in representing both DPP and its suppliers, he said the law firm achieved better terms for DPP, regardless of whether it had a conflict of interest in 8-9 marginal matters. (Well, yes, a villa here or there is perhaps a marginal matter for a company with Kč 15bn in annual revenue.) If there were an Oscar for Obfuscation, Dvořák would surely have warranted a nomination.[Czech Republic metro Marie Nováková Bitmedia Madeira]

Glossary of difficult words

obfuscation - to render obscure, unclear or intelligible; to make something so confused that it is difficult to understand; 

marginal - of secondary or minor importance; 

to warrant - to deserve; to justify.

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