Final Word from Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Commentators have been devoting much ink to analyzing the chances of ČSSD to repeat the Left landslide achieved by Robert Fico in Slovakia, but perhaps the bigger window of opportunity is for a small party to surface and to become the kingmaker. The coalition's disastrous austerity measures are an unexpected godsend, because they're alienating voters on both the Left and the Right. Czechs are tired of fly-by-night saviors of the VV variety, so any new incarnation would need to be better staffed and more credible. It would have to appeal to moderate voters who don't see a big difference between the politics of Bohuslav Sobotka of ČSSD and Miroslav Kalousek of TOP 09 (because there actually isn't, is there?). Jiří Paroubek of Left 21 probably isn't the one to do this, but he certainly is on the right track by planning a large advertising campaign now, while the ground is fertile.[Czech Republic Věci veřejné budget cuts]

Glossary of difficult words

to reprimand - to scold or rebuke, esp. in an official capacity; 

prescribed - in the manner established by rules or laws; 

to facilitate - to make an action easy or easier; 

to impress upon - to emphasize to, to stress to; 

of one's own accord - voluntarily.


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