Final Word from Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roman Janoušek used all those crime-scene phone calls to summon his team for a brainstorming session late Fri. afternoon. The mission: Find a way to keep him from going to the slammer for 10 years. As Janoušek slept off his hangover and coke-induced high in the corner, one of his lawyers took control. "What about his car? Can we get someone to swear that it lurched like a Toyota and ran that woman over all by itself? Or maybe we spread the rumor that it was all a setup. Someone knocked him out with Rohypnol, ran a beer funnel down his throat and let him loose on the D1. No, too lame. We need something so ponderous that no one can dispute it. Maybe something connected to national security. How about this? Wiretaps are a threat to democracy, and Romeš was so worried about the fate of the nation that he had a few too many. It's not perfect, but it should be mitigating enough for a suspended sentence under § 41d. Give this one to Klaus. You'll find him at that Natland event in Špindler tomorrow night."[Czech Republic drunk prison Špiindlerův Mlýn Group]

Glossary of difficult words

powwow - a conference or meeting for discussion, esp. among friends or colleagues; 

slammer - (slang) prison; 

to induce - to bring about or give rise to; 

high - a state of intoxication from drugs; 

to lurch - to make an abrupt uncontrolled movement; 

to knock someone out - to make a person unconscious; 

lame - unconvincingly feeble or weak (of an explanation); 

ponderous - excessively solemn; 

mitigating - lessening the seriousness of an act; 

§ 41d of the criminal code - states that a mitigating circumstance is the commission of a crime under threat or pressure; 

Špindler - Špindlerův Mlýn.


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