Final Word from Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When Petr Kellner of PPF declares in MFD that corruption is worse now in the CR than in Russia, dozens of good follow-up questions are begging to be asked. Who's doing the corrupting? What form is it taking? How are you doing so well in such a corrupt environment? A bold interviewer might ask about the Sazka valuation, the Prague 7 town hall deal, Homolka hospital or PPF's relationships to Tomáš Hrdlička and Miroslav Jansta. MFD didn't ask about any of them. In fact, it didn't ask any fol- low-ups on corruption. Nor did MFD press Petr Nečas when he spoke in a separate interview about the oligarchization of the CR. Sure, it asked about Andrej Babiš, and it got Nečas to mention the well-publicized Kalousek-Hava, Schwarzenberg-Bakala and Sobotka-ČSOB links. But MFD didn't ask Nečas about the biggest oligarch of all, Kellner, and Nečas didn't offer. Both MFD and Nečas know where to draw the line.[Czech Republic Karel Zdeněk Bohuslav MF Dnes Chris Morgan Jones]

Glossary of difficult words

The silent oligarch - the U.S. title of a recent novel by Christopher Morgan Jones;

follow-up question - a question on the same or a related topic as the previous question based on the answers provided;

to draw the line - to set a limit on what one is willing to do or accept, beyond which one will not go.


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