Final Word from Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Czech economic ministers approved changes yesterday that are being called the biggest tax increase since 1993. The full extent of the new measures has not yet sunk in, and there are still some discrepancies about what exactly was approved. But one thing is clear: Such a drastic tax hike will increase the protests by those who want the Nečas government to reduce corruption at the very top level before any taxes are raised again. These corruption-busters now have Petr Nečas's own words to use as a weapon against him. It was Nečas, remember, who spoke of the trend toward the oligarchization of Czech politics. This can only mean that he's worried about the corruption potential of a greater link between politics and business. He certainly isn't worried that an oligarch will use his political connections to found an innocent little library. If the cabinet can set a schedule for raising the taxes of the people, it seems only reasonable for Nečas to also give the people a schedule for how he plans to deoligarchize the country.[Czech Republic oligarchs austerity package]

Glossary of difficult words

to sink in - to be understood, to get through;

buster - a person or thing that breaks, destroys or overpowers something.


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