Final Word from Monday, April 23, 2012

The appearance of ČSSD Chair Bohuslav Sobotka and Communist Chair Vojtěch Filip at the successful labor protest on Sat. complicates matters for the unions. On one level, the participation of these two politicians lends credence to the claim by Petr Nečas and Miroslav Kalousek that the protest was a political event and that the two Left parties were using it to rev up their election campaign. On another level, it potentially hurts the unions by associating them with two political parties that, like the unions themselves, have very much been part of the Establishment for the past two decades. How can Bohumír Dufek of the ASO union talk in Právo about "changing the Constitution and the laws in order to secure dishonestly acquired assets and to prevent further tunneling" without having in mind Sobotka and his friends as much as Kalousek and his? Or do the unions want to limit the nationalization of stolen assets to adherents of right-wing politics? Maybe it's time for all those ODS businessmen who converted in 1990 to become Communists again.[Czech Republic KSČM demonstration left-wing]

Glossary of difficult words

affiliation - connection, association or alignment with;

credence - credibility;

to rev up - to increase the running speed of an engine by pressing the accelerator, esp. while the clutch is disengaged; to accelerate an activity;

to tunnel - to strip assets (a Czech term).


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