Final Word from Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After a week or so of musical chairs, the latest Czech government crisis is all but over, and everybody can go back to the way things were before the crisis began. The only difference will be that instead of a fragile government of 118, there will now be a fragile government of ... 118. Well, not technically, of course. ODS, TOP 09 and the Peake pack will only muster 101- 102 votes for the new coalition agreement, but VV has already said it will enter the constructive opposition. Which exact form this constructive opposition takes on Fri. during the confidence vote isn't yet clear, but abstentions or absences seem the most likely. After the coalition has that vote behind it, Nečas and Kalousek will continue to need to sweet-talk or strong-arm enough MPs to pass key legislation such as taxes and church restitution, just as before. The only real question after all this song and dance routine is who will be assigned the task of negotiating with Vít Bárta. The easiest thing would be for Karolína Peake and Kateřina Klasnová to go back to being BFFs.[Czech Republic VV Věci veřejné platfom best friends forever]

Glossary of difficult words

musical chairs - a series of changes or exchanges of position, esp. in a political or commercial organization;

to muster - to collect or assemble (a number or amount);

abstention - an instance of declining to vote for or against a proposal or motion;

to sweet-talk - to praise someone insincerely in order to persuade him or her to do something;

to strong-arm - to use force or violence against;

song and dance - a display of unnecessary excitement, activity or interest;

BFF - best friends forever.


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