Final Word from Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some MPs will skip the big event in Parliament today, but not because they want to thumb their nose at their fallen colleague. We have it on good advice that they're afraid that after David Rath pleads to keep his immunity, his police guards might escort the wrong MP back to Litoměřice prison. There are so many crooks in Parliament that some of them fear the police might get confused and grab the wrong one. The police might instead haul off one of the secret owners of subsidized solar power plants; or one of those MPs who receive monthly stipends for making their votes available to certain financial groups; or one of those with a taste for fine wine and secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein. David Rath won't be in cuffs, and he won't have on a bullet-proof vest (like Tomáš Pitr in court yesterday). Maybe he should at least wear a reflective vest, so that it's clear to everyone who is on trial here.[Czech Republic hearing session]

Glossary of difficult words

den - a place where people meet in secret, typically to engage in some illicit activity;

to thumb one's nose at someone - to show disdain or contempt for someone;

fallen - subject to sin or depravity; killed in battle;

to have it on good advice - to have received reliable information (often used to indicate that the speaker is joking, which is our case today too);

to haul someone off/away - to pull or drag a person with effort or force;

cuffs - handcuffs.


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