Final Word from Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's face it, there's not much you can do with the word "republic" from a marketing standpoint. It's not a word that lends itself to clever puns for advertising. If you really stretch it, you might promote binge drinking with "Czech RePUBlic," but the country has already put that phase of its existence behind it. If you go for a contrived slogan like "Czech Republike," as CzechTourism did, you simply make a fool of yourself and raise questions about who got the payoff. Most countries promote themselves with a bright logo and their name or simple slogan, such as "Visit Sweden." CzechTourism already had a nice flag- based logo. If it felt it also needed to use a pun, it should have concentrated on "Czech." You know, something like "Czech out Prague." Or even better: "Travel Czechlist: ▢ Prague, ▢ Český Krumlov, ▢ Karlovy Vary, ▢ Kutná Hora, ▢ Karlštejn." The advantage to this is that the list is endless.[Czech Republic tourism pubs episodic]

Glossary of difficult words

pun - a joke exploiting the possible meanings of a word;

to stretch something - to adapt or extend the scope of something in a way that exceeds a reasonable or acceptable limit;

binge drinking - heavy episodic drinking;

contrived - giving a sense of artificiality;

payoff - bribe.


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