Final Word from Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pavel Blažek, who will be sworn in today as justice minister, told MFD that he wants to meet with Lenka Bradáčová to see if she has the integrity to be senior Prague prosecutor. That's like Arlo Guthrie singing in Alice's Restaurant about whether he's moral enough to join the army and burn women, kids, houses and villages, after being a litterbug. For Bradáčová to exercise her integrity in the "right" way (in Blažek's eyes), she'd need to continue in the footsteps of Vlastimil Rampula and Libor Grygárek by burning all the sensitive criminal cases. But that's not her style, so Blažek will probably have to opt for the long con. He'll have appoint her to the post because of all the media pressure, but he'll work at the same time on a law for eliminating her job and making sure she doesn't take over the new special anti-corruption squad. If he's really good at his job, he'll even convince her to support his version of the new law.[Czech Republic Jiří Pospíšil Pavel Zeman]

Glossary of difficult words

long con - an elaborate scheme to rob or cheat someone that is executed over many weeks or months, with the aim of convincing the target that the con artist is a friend and is trustworthy. At the end of the long con, the con artist gets the target to voluntarily take the action the con artist was seeking;

litterbug - a person who carelessly drops litter in a public place.


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