Final Word from Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prague's DPP transit company seldom does anything the straightforward way, so it wasn't surprising that the trams that were added over the long weekend to compensate for a closed metro section took travelers on a detour. It's just a pity the trams didn't swing by Zadar, Croatia, so travelers could see the yachts they've been buying for the people feeding off DPP for so many years. DPP truly is one of those "act locally, think globally" operations. Its managers and suppliers have been thinking really big. So big, in fact, that David Ondráčka of Transparency Int. claimed yesterday on Rádio Impuls that DPP is the country's biggest tunnel job ever. That's quite a statement. Think of all the competition - ČEZ, Czech Railways, ČSA, Česká pošta. And those are just the Č's. Isn't it high time the paying public got an update on what's being done to clean up DPP from its new CEO, Vladimír Lič? (There's that č again.)[Czech Republic Blesk Vladimir Lich Czech Post České dráhy DP Praha Dopravní podnik]

Glossary of difficult words

straightforward - uncomplicated and easy to do or understand; (of a person) honest and frank; 

detour - a long or roundabout route to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way; 

to swing by (a place) - to visit, often by going out of one's way; 

tunnel job - incident of asset-stripping; 

Lič - his name is spelled Lich, but he insists on the English-language pronunciation, which is then sometimes rendered back into Czech as Lič.


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