Final Word from Monday, July 16, 2012

Petr Nečas and Miroslav Kalousek have entered the "grasping at straws" phase of their defense of the aggressive tactics used by Kalousek to defend Vlasta Parkanová and to save his own cabinet seat. Shortly after Nečas strongly advised his ministers to communicate only through official channels with law- enforcement agencies, Kalousek called Police President Petr Lessy and allegedly threatened him. Both Nečas and Kalousek said it wasn't a violation of Nečas's admonishment to his ministers, because Lessy isn't involved in the criminal-procedure process. Well, okay, Kalousek isn't a tax official either, but everyone knows he's the one to turn to for a waiver. And Roman Janoušek was never officially the mayor of Prague or Ivo Rittig the CEO of DPP. Instead of making excuses for Kalousek, it's time for Nečas to gather together Kalousek's family and friends and to orchestrate an intervention.[Czech Republic DP Praha medical addiction defense minister CASA forgiveness]

Glossary of difficult words

intervention - an orchestrated attempt by one or many people to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction of some kind of traumatic event or crisis;

to grasp/clutch at straws - to be in such a desperate situation as to resort to even the most unlikely means of salvation;

admonishment - a firm warning or reprimand;

waiver - an exemption from an obligation or rule.


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