Final Word from Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Miroslav Kalousek spoke to LN for the Sat. edition, it's almost as if he knew something readers didn't. He said that Air Force Lt. Col. Karel Daňhel was being prosecuted, although it's possible he had something in mind other than Daňhel's arrest yesterday on a charge of abuse of a 14-year-old girl. In response to Daňhel's earlier accusation that pressure had been put on the army to buy the inferior CASA planes, Kalousek also asked rhetorically what a frigging Martin Barták (the ex-deputy minister in question) is next to Army Chief of Staff Vlastimil Picek? Kalousek said he can't believe the head of the army would be such a chickenshit as to allow a brain surgeon like Barták to talk him into buying something he didn't want. But of course readers now know it was the outspoken Daňhel, and not Picek or any other chickenshit, who was conveniently charged a few days later with sexual abuse of a minor.[Czech Republic transport finance minister EADS]

Glossary of difficult words

frigging - a milder form of "fucking" (podělaný in the original Czech); 

chickenshit - a cowardly, worthless or contemptible person (sráč in the original Czech); 

outspoken - frank in stating one's opinions, esp. if they are critical or controversial; 

conveniently - occurring in a place or time that is useful for someone.


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