Final Word from Monday, July 30, 2012

It's quite a coincidence that Lt. Col. Karel Daňhel lost his security clearance for having too cosy a relationship with Omnipol, whereas Michal Kuzmiak won a security clearance despite his cosy relationship with that same Omnipol. The difference being that Daňhel crossed the Barták-Háva-Kalousek defense alliance during his time at army headquarters, while Kuzmiak ingratiated himself to the same group as a lobbyist and PR fixer. Thanks to the "guardians of the national interest" at the NBÚ vetting office, Daňhel will soon be out of the army on his ear, while Kuzmiak is off to Shanghai for the diplomatic post of consul general. Karel Schwarzenberg didn't want Klaus's people "infesting" his foreign ministry like weeds, so he didn't nominate the Castle's head of protocol, Jindřich Forejt, to be ambassador to the Vatican. But it doesn't apparently bother the Prince to have Kalousek's people infesting his ministry. And in this particular case, the Kalousek weed is potentially much more deleterious to the national interest than the Klaus strain.[Czech Republic Martin Richard Miroslav China consulate]

Glossary of difficult words

to shanghai someone - to induce or compel someone to do something, esp. by fraud or force;

cosy - (of a relationship) intimate and relaxed;

to cross someone - to oppose or stand in the way of someone;

to ingratiate oneself to someone - to bring oneself into favor with someone by flattery or trying to please him or her;

fixer - a person who makes arrangements for other people, esp. of an illicit or devious kind;

to vet someone - to do a background check on someone;

to be out on one's ear - to be fired or dismissed in disgrace or shame;

to infest - (of insects, animals or harmful plants) to be present in large numbers;

deleterious - causing harm or danger;

strain - a variety of an animal or plant.


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