Final Word from Monday, August 27, 2012

Amb. to the U.K. Michael Žantovský is used to answering tough questions, but he got blindsided on Czech TV's Hyde Park on Fri. A viewer asked (indirectly) about the morality of Madeleine Albright's efforts to buy 75% of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo, given that she sanctioned the Nato bombing and supported the independence of the country. Žantovský said that he knows nothing about it but that he would bet his life that she didn't support the independence so she could privatize something there. MP Jaroslav Foldyna of ČSSD told Parlamentní listy that he is disgusted by such behavior and that Albright and others like her should be put on trial in The Hague. It sounds like a great topic for a seminar of the new Prague Aspen Institute, whose stated mission is to promote "democratic values." Albright was instrumental in setting up the Institute's Prague branch, and Žantovský is its president.[Czech Republic Serbia Yugoslavia]

Glossary of difficult words

spoils - goods or property seized after a conflict, esp. after a military victory;

Hyde Park - see the 20:40 mark (8:40pm);

to be blindsided - to be caught unprepared.


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