Final Word from Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Much of the U.S. is doing a rain dance, but Czech solar investors are praying for an Indian summer. Many of them wouldn't even mind a devastating drought, because it would keep the meters running at their solar installations and reduce the maintenance cost of cutting the grass around all those photovoltaic panels. Czechs are paying tens of billions of crowns per year to subsidize solar power. In some cases, according to the 2011 BIS annual report, they're paying investors who secretly took part in setting the rules for distributing the subsidies. Last year, we learned from the 2010 BIS report that some of the solar investors faked the documentation in order to qualify in time for the renewable-energy handouts. How can BIS possibly know these things without also knowing who the specific culprits are? Why is the Nečas government of "budget responsibility, the rule of law and the fight against corruption" not taking action? Or will BIS perhaps inform us in its 2012 annual report that the solar scam reached all the way to the cabinet level?[Czech Republic Mourning becomes Electra secret police counter-intelligence agency subsidized]

Glossary of difficult words

Morning becomes electric - a word play on Eugene O'Neill's "Mourning becomes Electra";

rain dance - a ritual done to summon rain;

Indian summer - a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn;

handout - something given free to a needy person or organization (or others less-deserving);

scam - a dishonest scheme; a fraud.


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