Final Word from Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before the internet and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Communists had it easy when they needed to revise history. They just rewrote the books or retouched the photos. Today's "new Communists" who are running the country have it much more difficult. They can try to rewrite history, but catching them doing it is often as easy as making a Seznam search. For example, Martin Roman tried to rewrite his 2009 Tuscany escapade by telling Pražský deník that he wasn't pictured there with any politicians. Oops. Check out this video (he's in the blue shirt and hat, next to Mirek Topolánek). Now CEO Svatopluk Sýkora of Lesy ČR is telling Právo that the BIS 2011 annual report says nothing about untransparent contracts. Hmm, try this passage: "Pressure from lobbying and business groups continued in the awarding of contracts at the state company Lesy ČR." There are lies, damn lies, and stuff that can be checked on the internet.[Czech Republic secret police counterintelligence forestry]

Glossary of difficult words

fact-checking - research into the accuracy of statements made in non-fictional text;

escapade - an act or incident involving excitement, daring or adventure;

"Lies, damn lies...." - a revision of the famous line that there are "lies, damn lies and statistics."

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