Final Word from Monday, September 10, 2012

Some people want Václav Klaus to return as ODS chairman after his second term as Czech president expires early next year. Some people even see him as an inevitable PM under a Zeman presidency. Others hope Klaus enjoys a quiet, uneventful retirement. Since this last option is out of the question, we have a better proposal. Russian President Vladimir Putin should nominate Klaus to head the nascent Eurasian Union. This would give the little-known Union a globally recognized cheerleader as it tries to add members to the core group of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Czech Republic's name is already being mentioned along with Mongolia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Vietnam and others as a country "loyal to Russian interests" (read about this in Russian here and English here). For Klaus, it would be another career advancement. For Czechs, it would finally be confirmation of whose side Klaus is on.[Czech Republic customs union Miloš]

Glossary of difficult words

Eurasian Union - a proposed economic and political union of Russia and other Eurasian countries;

uneventful - ordinary, unexciting, uninteresting;

nascent - coming into existence; emerging;

cheerleader - an enthusiastic and vocal supporter.

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